Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Arduino Shield for custom board CPLD programming and testing using pogo pins

Arduino Shield for custom board CPLD programming and testing using pogo pins

This post is just to show how I have used the Arduino JTAG programming hardware/software that I have discussed before.

The idea was to have a setup where I could both program and test a CPLD based board.

Lets see the photos:

The photo above shows the support for the board to be programmed with the pogo pins at the center, the board itself and the top shield. I have used two identical shield boards and have spaced them to give the pogo pins the proper vertical direction.

Some of the pads on the board to be tested are SMD, others are through hole. Of course, after it was assembled, I realized I should have left the pogos that go peek at through holes slightly higher that those that peek at SMD pads. That would have made the process of fitting the board much better.

In the same holes, I have mounted the board support, which is a kind of "negative" of the board. It consists of two milled pcbs, with two concentric circles to give support to the board. If you look carefully to the left of the photo, you can see a small dent that is used to give the board the proper orientation.

In this next photo, we can see the toggle clamp device used to hold the board in place in action.

In the last photo, we can see the full stack: the Arduino at the ground, the two shield boards in the middle and the support with a board in it.

Some details for those interested:

Hope you like it, comments are welcome!

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